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The keys to burning fat when you do sports

The keys to burning fat when you do sports

One of our goals when doing sports is to burn fat. Who more and who less has a few extra kilos that they want to get rid of, so we put on our shoes and start training as if there were no tomorrow. But just as important as doing sports is doing it with your head and following healthy lifestyle habits. It is useless to train hard if then your diet does not follow, so we are going to discover the keys to burning fat while doing sports and improving your habits.

The keys to burning fat when you do sports

Food and accessories

The first thing you should do is open the refrigerator and identify the basic pillars of your diet. Following a good diet does not mean stopping eating or reducing the amounts and starving: improving the diet implies that we will ingest the necessary calories, quality calories. Decisions such as reducing carbohydrates and increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables, legumes or fish allow us to get enough healthy proteins and fats for our body to function. A dietitian or nutritionist will help you do this.

You can also use, in communication with your nutritionist, supplements to complete the diet, such as the Pro Fat-Burner from Dual Innovation. It is a totally natural, vegan supplement designed by health experts to help you lose those extra pounds. It can be taken by anyone who wants to lose weight, from elite athletes to sports fans, and the best of all is that for being a Fitness Guide reader you have a 20% discount on Dual Innovation products, for which you only have than enter the code “guia20” in your next purchase.

A varied workout

If you always do the same training, with the same routines and exercises, the body will eventually get used to it and burn much less fat than at the beginning. That is why it is advisable to vary the routines and workouts that we do. In addition, we cannot limit ourselves to aerobic exercises (running, swimming, and cycling), but we must give more importance to strength-resistance exercises, working at a high intensity: bench jumps, push-ups, dips, pull-ups, burgees, squats, crunches, splits…

When you finish these exercises, you can always run for about 6 minutes at 20-second intervals: 20 seconds almost at full speed -about 85% -, 20 at a slow pace to recover, 20 at full speed and so on until 6 minutes. In this way we combine an aerobic workout with another anaerobic one and ensure intensity, one of the keys to burning fat with sport. If you train intensely, the training will be much more effective since, among other things, you will activate the metabolism, which brings us to the next point.

Activate your metabolism to burn fat

This activation is necessary both during the time you exercise and the rest of the day, since the more active your metabolism is, the more energy you will need and the easier it will be to burn fat. A metabolic resistance training, where you work intensely, allows you to keep the body active and accelerated once you have finished training, so that it constantly burns fat. But if you do a gentler workout, your metabolism won’t kick in with the same intensity, and you probably won’t burn as fatter.

In this sense, there are those who recommend exercising in the morning, even on an empty stomach, so that the body is activated and begins to burn fat due to the lack of glycogen stores. It is said that in the morning fat is burned faster than in the afternoon, and there are studies that seem to confirm this hypothesis.

And do not forget that lengthening the training does not help you burn fatter, the key is to increase the intensity by reducing the practice time, which is more effective. It must be done gradually, yes, and knowing our own limits so as not to exceed ourselves in the exercises. Always consult a sports professional to help you design your fat burning routine taking into account your particular case.


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