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What fruit to eat before and after exercise?

What fruit to eat before and after exercise?

Starting and maintaining a routine of physical exercise for a long period of time is not easy. There are many who try and fail, staying halfway or ending with the workouts because they are not sufficiently prepared, because they get tired too soon or simply because they do not see the results that they expected from the first moment. To facilitate this exercise routine, the most appropriate thing is to eat a good diet before and after training, so that we not only have more strength to take advantage of it during activity, but then what we eat will help us recover better.

What fruit to eat before and after exercise

There are certain foods that can be very good to eat before training, while others are preferable to take afterwards. As a general rule, it is intended that before exercise we take carbohydrates with few sugars, for example, to be able to burn all that energy in training.

To recover after exercise, it is also common to eat meat or fish, always in reasonable amounts to avoid overdoing it with calories, especially if we are trying to lose weight through exercise. However, there are other foods that can serve us both before and after in our diet for athletes, such as fruit.

Fruit, a valid food for your workouts

The fruit is one of those food groups that are always put as an example when talking about a diet for athletes healthy and balanced.

Given the great variety of fruits that exist and the magnificent qualities that all of them bring us, it can be a perfect alternative to include it in our nutritional routine before and after training. We can take advantage of eating fruit both before and after training thanks to the few calories they contain and their great contribution in nutrients.

Learn which fruits to choose for each moment, because not all are the same or offer us the same.

How to choose the best fruit according to the glycemic index to train?

What we must take into account when choosing the perfect fruit for before or after training is its glycemic index. In this case, glycaemia is a nutrient that most fruits contain and that is metabolized directly into our blood, converting it into glucose, that is, sugar. This type of nutrient tends to remain in our body, later turning into fat, so it is not advisable to abuse the fruits that contain it. To control our own glycemic index, we will eat fruits with low glucose before training, and we will leave those with a higher glycemic index until after exercise.

Among the most appropriate fruits to eat before exercising, we will highlight the pear, apple, cherries and strawberries. All of them have a low glycemic index but are very satiating (thanks to their high water content), and they also offer us essential nutrients for a healthy diet.

We will therefore leave other fruits for after exercise, those with the highest glycemic index , such as bananas or dates , orange and mango, and even sweet melon and watermelon, which in addition to being two exquisite foods, provide us with a good contribution of mineral salts , something that we most have to recover from after sweating from intense physical exercise.

Eating fruit is one of the best alternatives for a healthy diet, but you have to know very well how and when to eat it, especially if we do physical training, to channel its properties to our benefit.


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