Home Drinks Mucus in the throat: Does drinking milk and flour make the problem worse?

Mucus in the throat: Does drinking milk and flour make the problem worse?

Mucus in the throat: Does drinking milk and flour make the problem worse?

Regular consumption of refined milk and flours creates deposits of mucus in the large intestine and pulmonary alveoli. Why does it happen and how to avoid it?

Mucus in the throat Does drinking milk and flour make the problem worse

Mucus in the throat can be very unpleasant and oral tradition says that, in their presence it is better not to drink milk or flour, because these foods would increase mucus. Is this true?

The theory that cereals and dairy generate mucus comes from afar in the naturist realm. There was a controversy in the early nineteenth century about it, driven by Arnold Ehret, a famous Swedish naturist. However, the mucus that can be formed is not the result of consuming flour and dairy themselves, but of certain types of flour and dairy, and in certain quantities.


Drinking milk or flour can then generate mucus, but not for the food itself but for other reasons:

  • For its additives or preservatives. Food comes to us enormously manipulated today. Flour, for example, is consumed in combination with many other preservatives, additives or finishers. In addition, the extraction methods that are currently used make cereals much more refined and dairy products come to us devoid of some of their nutritional properties.
  • Because of dairy intolerance. In the case of dairy products, lactose intolerance is more frequent than it seems and generally produces catarrhal secretion, that is, secretion of catarrh by the mucous membranes.
  • Because of gluten intolerance. Wheat-based flours contain a remarkable amount of gluten, which can also cause allergies, or in any case hidden allergies that can also cause a body reaction of the mucous membranes, which then secrete mucus.
  • Mucus, on the other hand, are glycoproteins, that is, a mixture of a sugar or flour with a protein, and when the body secretes them, it is usually because it has too many. Dairy and flour have flours and proteins in an appreciable amount.


Some children who have repeated colds and bronchitis would do well to try a month or two without dairy and cutting back on flours, especially refined ones. Sometimes, the results can be very spectacular.

You just have to make sure that the rest of the diet is balanced and contains:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Vegetables
  • Cereals


By Pablo Sas

When we get sick or are in pain, we want someone to cure us or take away the pain and unpleasant symptoms as soon as possible. Rarely have we been taught that some of our symptoms are the body’s best resource for regaining balance. In fact, in most cases it tends to spontaneously recover health.

Mucus is an example of the body’s defensive system. Mucus is part of the mucociliary transport system, which is a defense system that helps clean the airways by a suction mechanism. The airways – except the alveolus – are covered with cilia-shaped cells ranging from 1,000 to .1500 times per minute in a coordinated manner. Thus, these cilia gradually drag the mucus outwards, in a single direction at a speed of up to 20 millimeters per second. This precise system to expel mucus works better or worse depending on the habits we have:

  • We expel the mucus better… If we exercise and breathe fresh air, mucociliary transport is favored.
  • We expel the mucus worse… If we drink alcohol, breathe contaminates air or smoke, ciliary transport is “disorganized” and decreases the rate of mucus exit in the center of the body.


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