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Diet or exercise, what is more important to lose weight?

Diet or exercise, what is more important to lose weight?

Do you want to lose weight? So the first thing you have to do is start changing your lifestyle habits. Eating a poor diet and living a sedentary life will prevent us from losing weight. And it is that our body needs to be active to lose calories but, in addition, to eat a nutritious and low-fat diet.

Diet or exercise what is more important to lose weight

If you want to lose weight, we are going to solve one of the most frequent doubts when it comes to wanting to lose those extra kilos: what is more important to lose weight: diet or exercise? Next, we are going to answer this question so that, this time, you can fulfill your purpose of losing weight.

Which is better, diet or exercise?

The answer to this question to choose between diet and exercise is ambiguous. Both diet control and exercise are two basic habits to lose weight. On the one hand, food is what makes our body satiated and function. But, on the other hand, sport is the one that will burn that surplus and help us eliminate toxins.

However, it is true that, as a general rule, eating a good diet is usually more important than exercising. That is, if you change your eating habits, you can lose weight. On the other hand, if you only start exercising without changing your diet, your weight loss will be more complicated.

Therefore, if you want to know if diet or exercise is better to lose weight, the answer is diet. However, if you really want to achieve effective and real results, nothing better than combining both a healthy diet and regular exercise.

The importance of diet to lose weight

In order to understand why diet is so important when it comes to losing weight, we have to remember something key. Our body thrives on the food we eat. In other words, food is our source of energy, something like our “gasoline”. Therefore, we have to promote the consumption of foods that are healthy and nutritious so that all food is used as a source of energy.

When we consume foods that are excessively fatty, what we do is that that fat remains stored in our body. And is that our body can hardly take advantage of that fat, therefore, it remains stored in the body as a source of reserve energy.

The calories in the diet

In addition, we must not forget that these fatty foods are higher in calories. And our body needs a series of calories a day to function (about 1800 in the case of women and about 2000 in the case of men). Therefore, everything that we eat too much, will not be consumed by our body and, also, will end up stored as saturated fat.

Therefore, if instead of betting on a diet rich in fat and calories, you do so on a healthy and hypo caloric diet, you will lose weight. Our body, likewise, will need those calories a day. So, if you only include 1400 calories a day in your diet, you will make the body have to take the 400 that it lacks from accumulated fat. Therefore, changing your eating habits will activate the natural process of burning fat.

Exercise, essential to lose weight

We have already said between dieting or exercising to lose weight, it is better to diet. However, if you want faster and more effective results, it is essential that you include the practice of physical exercise. Sport will help you burn more calories and more fat in workouts and, therefore, your diet is complemented with another habit that helps reduce fat.

In addition, exercise will help you eliminate toxins, improve your general health, and tone your body. Because, if you want to show off a body in good condition, you have to avoid flaccidity. And if you lose a lot of weight but don’t tone up, in the end your body will look flabby and very soft. Combining diet and exercise to lose weight in a healthy way is essential, but also to sculpt your body and enjoy good health.


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